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Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a positive experience for our clients in an atmosphere of care, compassion, and empathy. 

We commit to technical excellence and a high degree of professional competence. As a team we will be true to our values. 

We will be efficient, flexible, mutually supportive, and respectful of each individuals needs and the need of our referring offices. 

This mission has been created as a result of these values. Honesty, Fairness, Responsibility, Accountability, and Personal Growth. 


What We Do

We support the mission of helping individuals with disabilities or disabling circumstances to achieve their community and career potential. Being immersed and integrated into the community whether it be through means of socialization, employment, or volunteerism, it has tremendous benefits to a persons self worth. 

All people with disabilities, disabling circumstances, or other barriers have the same rights to express their views, define their goals, have access to quality care and services, to work and be compensated, to appropriate education, and to live in the community among other citizens. 



Employment Planning Services

Designed to assist a person seeking employment to learn about employment opportunities within the community and make an informed decision.

Community Based Assessment/Trial Work Experience

Provide an individual opportunity to learn various jobs and identify a viable job goal or other vocational options.

Employee Development Services

Individualized services/supports to assist persons seeking employment to develop or reestablish skills, aptitudes, interpersonal skills, work behaviors, and functional capabilities to achieve positive employment outcomes for long term success.

Employment Skills Training Services

Organized formal training that assist a person seeking employment to acquire skills necessary for specific jobs or families of jobs. 

Pre Employment Transition Services

Designed with an employment outcome in mind. A process that promotes movement from school to successful post-school employment. 

Community Employment Services

Designed to assist individuals to achieve integrated, community employment as well as the opportunity to learn job seeker skills and the receive necessary supports to communicate with potential employers.


Independent Living Services

Designed to assist an individual to identify and remove barriers to employment by assessing daily living skills and accessing community support where necessary. 

Community Guide/ Engagement Services

Designed to develop creative, flexible, and supportive community resources and relationships. This service helps connect individuals to resources in their community, and supports them to participate, engage, and integrate into the community. 


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